REVALIDATIONS The objective of the program is aimed at those pilot candidates who want to renew their A320 type rating on their license before reaching the maximum validity date.

We offer this program with two hours of verification with an examiner included in the A320 Level D FFS simulator.

RENEWAL This program has been created so that pilots who are just flying can keep their knowledge up to date, as well as renew their licenses and ratings.

The idea is to make it easier for all pilots in the EASA environment to maintain their capabilities to be able to fly again immediately when the market reactivates.

Different factors will be analyzed for each of the profiles of the interested pilots, such as the period elapsed since the expiration of the rating, recent experience, total hours in the type of airplane or family of the same manufacturer, and time elapsed since the date of completion. of the latest simulator or real flight.

With all this information, a personalized course will be designed to renew and recover the qualification that had been lost.


  • EASA commercial pilot license with A320 Rating
  • PBN Certificate
  • ICAO Level 4 English Certificate
  • Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • EASA Commercial Pilot License
  • ICAO Level 4 English Certificate
  • PBN Certificate
  • Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • Recent Flight Experience
  • Complexity of current type enablement
  • Have had the A320 type rating on the license at some point
  • Time elapsed since the powers of the A320 type rating were exercised
  • If it is necessary to carry out a prior verification test to evaluate the candidate’s level in a simulator

Total price of the course =
895 Euros

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